Hyperion™ TVM supports the latest recommended veiling luminance measures (Lseq) as well as more rudimentary measures (L20), as defined in CIE88:2004 [1]. Research shows that Lseq is superior to L20 in capturing potentially dangerous conditions [2]. Hyperion™ TVM supports the basic L20 measure for backward compatibility with legacy control systems until these have been upgraded with control algorithms for veiling luminance Lseq.



[1] CIE. 2004. ”Guide for the lighting of road tunnels and underpasses”. CIE technical report 88:2004. Vienna.

[2] Lindgren, M et al. 2015. ” Traffic Compensated Luminance Estimation”. CIE 2015. Manchester.


The Hyperion™ TVM advanced series of light and traffic sensors for tunnel lighting control applications are being developed by Cipherstone Technologies AB - a well-established computer vision and optronics company celebrating its 10th year in operation