Hyperion™ TVM enables a more userfriendly and accurate installation process than legacy systems by providing realtime video to the installation engineer. Research has shown that the accuracy in the centring of the field of view may have a strong impact on the luminance error [1]. When installing a Hyperion™ TVM system, the engineer is guided by a cross-hair overlaid on the video stream allowing precise positioning of the field of view. The centring of the Lseq (or L20) measurement field can later be adjusted as it is software configurable.



[1] Lindgren, M et al. 2015. ” Traffic Compensated Luminance Estimation”. CIE 2015. Manchester.


The Hyperion™ TVM advanced series of light and traffic sensors for tunnel lighting control applications are being developed by Cipherstone Technologies AB - a well-established computer vision and optronics company celebrating its 10th year in operation