At the World Tunnel Congress (WTC) in June 2017, we will showcase the Hyperion™ TVM family of sensors for light and traffic measurements in tunnel applications. In particular, we will show the TVM-a sensor for measurements of veiling luminance at tunnel entrances according to the latest research and international recommendations including CIE88:2004. Our sensors are fully compatible and integrated with advanced lighting control systems from Phoenix Contact. TVM-a supplies veiling luminance estimates and traffic information such as traffic density and speed over the Modbus TCP protocol to the Advanced Tunnel Solution (ATS). Together these systems form a joint solution for tunnel lighting control allowing improved traffic safety and reduced energy consumption.

For more information regarding the WTC 2017 please go here. We hope to see you in Booth O2 at WTC 2017 in Bergen!


The Hyperion™ TVM advanced series of light and traffic sensors for tunnel lighting control applications are being developed by Cipherstone Technologies AB - a well-established computer vision and optronics company celebrating its 10th year in operation